ZAP Slip control - Floor Sealer

 Wet floors and slippery surfaces – we’ve all been there.  And we all know how easy it is to lose your footing on a wet surface.

Our anti-slip product is perfect for foyers, schools, hotels, swimming pools and even domestic situations.  Our ZAP anti-slip solution will wipe your problems once and for all!

ZAP will make any surface a non-slip surface with one application and it is transparent and in no way affects your floors.  And you do not have to worry about ZAP getting scrubbed off the floor in the course of regular cleaning & wear & tear- it lasts and provides long term grip on the floor.  

Before applying ZAP to the floor our technicians test for the dynamic friction coefficient of the surface.  After ZAP is applied our technician provide an Anti-Slip Certificate and attached printout of the revised dynamic friction coefficient of the surface.

So how does ZAP work?

The ZAP anti-slip solution utilises a state of the art technology of two specially selected and combined active agents. The first agent is called the activator and it triggers the silicon dioxide found in the upper layers of the surface to be protected. The second agent is called the crystallizer and it’s responsible for creating the crystalline structure, which is the inseparable element of our anti-slip solution.

ZAP can be applied in both indoor & outdoor situations.  Here’s a list of some surfaces that you can apply ZAP to:


Tiles,  Terracotta,  Clinker,  Glaze


Granite,  Travertine,  Marble,  Terrazzo,  Concrete


For Asia Pacific & Australian enquiries, please contact Cloverdale Group International.