ML System is a polish manufacturer of BIPV cells and modules. Aside from the customizable technologies, technical parameters and sizes, the solutions provide additional significant properties and functionalities that are important to building architecture or building usage

Sunshades are important architectural details that have the incredible potential to create the outer appearance of buildings as well as the interior design aesthetics. They are also key to climate comfort and the energy efficiency of buildings. The photovoltaic cells available and applied in the sunshade lamella system are 1st generation cells (poly- and mono-crystalline, including back-contact cells) and 2nd generation cells (thin layer) of various level of transparency and available in a wide colour range for even the most sophisticated of architectonic concepts.

The ventilated facade system is a substitute for outer aluminium shells, composite boards and stone lining. Aside from the unquestionably effective appearance, it also generates electric power for the building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems or other loads as required.

This system is excellent for both new civil engineering projects and refurbished buildings. The unique solution makes it possible to hot swap any module without the need to remove any adjacent modules.

As we can deduce from the word, skylights are architectural details which provide extra illumination indoors, and this has been their primary function until now. The development of innovative PV cells lets us expand skylight functionality to turn them into small power plants. The PV skylights can be delivered in both standard and structural versions.

Car parks are truly a natural place for photovoltaic cells, where they can be installed as carports. This enables generation of electricity from solar energy from a surface that already has a specific utility function, and shading the parking places improves the comfort of drivers as they leave or return to their vehicles. The compatibility with various construction technologies help to adapt the solution to specific project investor demands.

The solutions offered here are excellent ideas for sheltering single parking spots or large car parks (including in public areas, where special safety requirements apply by law). A natural complement to the photovoltaic projects for parking lots are the increasingly popular e-vehicle charging stations; hence photovoltaic carports can help popularize ecological eVs and contribute to a cleaner environment.