Airports and surrounding areas are particularly vulnerable to intrusions of drones. Australian senator Barry O’Sullivan, former air crash investigator, said that drones in the vicinity of planes are a  “catastrophe is waiting to happen”. Without ability to detect and gain control over drones, security of airports will be compromised, and delayed flights, air traffic paralysis or in the worst cases plane crashes will become a grim reality.

benefits for airport protection segment

  • A single Ctrl+Sky unit is able to cover a radius up to 1000 meters allowing you to secure strategic airport areas

  • Ctrl+Sky allows you to distinguish drones from other objects

  • The system uses deep learning algorithms to improve its functionality and reliability 

  • Ctrl+Sky works 24/7 regardless of weather conditions

Drones pose many threats to air traffic: from the immediate threat of airplane collisions, through interference in communications with control tower, and the physical threat to the aircraft as well as workers and passengers.

Ctrl+Sky provides effective and complete protection in tracking and neutralizing drones,day or night, in all weather conditions, ensuring the safety of airports and surrounding areas.

Stadiums, which can hold tens of thousands of people, are a potential target of hostile drones. The gathering of many people in a relatively small area makes stadiums easy targets for terrorists. Using a drone is especially tempting taking into account the reinforced security at the traditional entrance gates. Recently, at an interstate game, an intrusive drone contributed to provoking riots among the dedicated fans by transporting a flag from one side to the other. It’s easy to imagine how tragic the effects of using a drone as a weapon could be, causing hundreds if not thousands of casualties and triggering uncontrollable panic among spectators. 

benefits for stadium protection segment

  • Ctrl+Sky’s “dome” of protection without blind zones secures the entire airspace above the stadium

  • The system is effective in all weather conditions, at any time, day or night

  • Ctrl+Sky works effectively even against small-size drones, ensuring complete security

Ctrl+Sky protects the airspace in and around the stadiums and arenas, protecting people attending and working the event. The ability to instantly neutralize a flying intruder through authorised services effectively minimises the threat and gives a sense of security to both event organisers and the public

Special protection against hostile use of drones is required at critical infrastructure facilities, such as power plants, utilities, dams, bridges, or telecommunication networks, which, if damaged can jeopardise the day to day operations or in worst case scenario, create casualties among the population. Intrusive Unmanned Aerial Systems can directly threaten these facilities, by using explosives or spying with the intent of industrial espionage, which can be used in hostile activities.

benefits for critical infrastructure protection segment

  • Ctrl+Sky works with existing security systems to extend the performance of protected objects

  • Ctrl+Sky operates 24/7 regardless of weather conditions

  • A single system effectively protects an area of up to 2000 meters

  • Umbrella protection does not have dead detection zones, thus preventing unauthorised intrusion into the protected area.

Nowadays, it is absolutely necessary to have total airspace protection of strategic facilities. This protection is ensured by Ctrl+Sky, especially because of the “umbrella protection zone”, which guarantees 360-degree full coverage. This is possible thanks to the multi-sensor authoring system design. With this functionality, Ctrl+Sky will capture every airborne intruder and allow it to be neutralised.

Mass public events such as concerts, demonstrations, marathons and parades are occasions that require special protection and security. Wherever we deal with large groups which have assembled for a specific purpose, hostile use of drones can cause enormous risks. In the worst case, drones can contribute to causing numerous deaths through the dispatch of hazardous materials. It is important to realise that standard security for public events, in the form of regular military units, police or security firms, is not enough. An attack from the sky is as likely today as any other previously known danger.

benefits for public events protection segment

  • The mobile version of Ctrl+Sky allows you to effectively protect any event, irrespective of the location

  • The system allows you to prevent the intrusion of a drone immediately

  • In specific cases where required by law, competent authorities may use Jammers to neutralise the threat.

Ctrl+Sky protects areas hosting mass public events by providing 360 degrees of protection and an instant response to intrusive drones. This enables it to neutralise and eliminate dangers.

Prisons are another facilities where misuse of drones can pose significant dangers. Illegal delivery of weapons, drugs, cell phones and smuggling of contraband are just some of the issues prisons need to face. The penitentiary system, in the absence of protection against drones, virtually loses the ability to to maintaining the highest standard of security. 

benefits for prison protection segment

  • Ctrl+Sky gives you the ability to extend control over the prisoners

  • The system operates continuously, so the protected area is under constant surveillance

  • Ctrl+Sky provides a “dome” of protection and has no blind zones

  • Provides the option of immediate neutralization of drones

  • Ctrl+Sky also allows you to record the process from detection to neutralization of the drone, thus providing hard evidence of the threat.

Ctrl+Sky places a “protective umbrella” over a specified area and denies undetected entry to the drone, thereby increasing the security of protected facilities. An immediate alarm goes off when the system detects an intrusion which allows for quick and effective neutralisation. This prevents potential risks and improves safety.

This multi + sensor approach ensures it can operate in all-weather conditions and optimal configuration make the Ctrl+Sky the most effective drone detection, identification and neutralisation system.

government and military

Drones have become increasingly affordable and accessible. Their mobility and difficulty of detection allow them to enter areas previously deemed safe and well-protected such as government buildings and federal institutions. The hostile use of drones can jeopardise areas particularly sensitive to spying, hacking, carrying a physical threat to employees, stealing of sensitive data and causing many other undesirable events.


benefits for government buildings and military

  • Permanent protection of strategic government facilities

  • Ability to integrate with existing security systems

  • Effective day and night operation, in all weather conditions

  • Several mitigation techniques (both jamming and non-jamming)


Ctrl+Sky is an exceptionally advanced system with proven efficiency in detecting drone intrusions. Authorised federal agencies are able to deploy neutralization technologies  developed by APS to counter the intruder. This gives a sense of security to government institutions and all strategically important areas and facilities.

Ctrl+Sky can be successfully deployed as a stand-alone, fully-functional system for
protecting strategic government facilities from drones. It can also be integrated with already existing security systems for enhanced protection. Ctrl+Sky complements the existing systems with new, unique features, such as a “dome” of protection from aerial threats.