COOLOMAT:  An innovative B2C supply chain solution


Don’t wait at the shop in lines and don’t wait at home for deliveries! Coolomat is an automated Click & Collect solution, with a digitally managed system of lockers available to clients 24 hours a day.  


The Coolomat solution is more than just a system of fabricated lockers. At the heart of Coolomat is technology. We have a team of experts in the fields of IT, e-commerce and supply chain management. The system is centrally managed and retailers can instruct the locker via our API. 

What distinguishes Coolomat from other locker systems is that each compartment can be remotely adapted for chilled food storage, as well as regular parcels. Each locker can be set prior to delivery at between -20 C and + 10 C, meaning that the locker is temperature ready for the incoming goods.   

Coolomat is a truly efficient solution to many problems in e-commerce encountered by both consumer and retailers. Contact us today and let us adapt the Coolomat system to create your supply chain solution.


  • Temperature sensitive parcel solution

  • Eliminate expensive packaging for chilled foods

  • 24 Hour solution for customers unable to take receipt at home

  • Avoid booking windows & re-deliveries when customers are not at home

  • Increased courier effectiveness- time is money!

  • Avoid traffic jams & operate vehicles 24 hours a day- reduce the capital outlay on your fleet by working vehicles longer each day & capitalise on overnight access to busy areas

  • Lower carbon footprint from reduced vehicle movements

  • Reduction in fleet operating & maintenance cost

  • Ability to leverage our investment in IT & technology. We have a solution for small & large retailers

For Asia Pacific & Australian enquiries, please contact Cloverdale Group International.  

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